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SS Goku by Jentiful SS Goku by Jentiful
I've been watching a lot (a lot) of Dragon Ball and DBZ, and I've been lamenting about how much I prefer DB's style and simplicity versus DBZ's angular, detailed character designs/animation.
So of course, Cody made me put my money where my mouth is so I drew Goku how I thought he'd look if they stuck with the DB art style (kind of). It was fun! I really want to try Vegeta, but it's a bit difficult, maybe later!
DeeperMadness Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
Oh hey, that's a pretty cool idea actually. I think you've still got the face and elbows a little too angular though (I'm attributing that to the inverted cheek on his left side). You must do Vegeta next! He had much softer edges to him (especially his chin) in his earlier appearances, so I'd use those for reference if you need them. =P

As a little treat from me, here's the UK intro to Dragon Ball: [link]

We didn't get the series until after GT had finished. Can you believe that? We got jilted quite badly for a long time. At least they went to town with it once it got here. We had a superb televised print.

Anyway! Keep at it, Jenti!
Jentiful Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Hehe, you're right, it's still pretty angular, especially compared to season 1 Dragon Ball art; that looseness and natural curvature takes some serious studying :)

Whoa, that intro is intense :o Very cool, though, and definitely different from the American one

And GT first!? That's unspeakably awful D:
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